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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


IT SEEMS THE RBA IS SETTING UP TO TRAP BUILDERS WHO TAKE ON TOO MANY PROJECTS BEFORE THE RATES ARE HIKED BY 100%. This method of destruction is not new and will trap many builders and developers who take on long term developments and do not get out before interest rates go up.

Speculation about interest rates will continue as always and is often used by banks and brokers to achieve their financial trading goals from time to time, well every day really. I wont go too technical so as not to confuse you more, but there is a lot of money made out of speculation, even when rates are stable.

Some rather big groups have been caught before & the Abbey Capital Property Group circa 1979 comes to mind when they & Mainline could not complete the almost finished 46 Level Tower at 500 Bourke Street office tower which they had to sell for a 50% Off bargain basement price to the NAB. Lots of smaller developers went broke then and again during 1989-90 and every few years every time the RBA want to slow down wages inflation caused by politicians silly policies. 

It could be argued that voters deserve the egotistical politicians and their political parties they keep revoting in after they vote them out a few years earlier because of lies, incompetence, fraud & pride etc Problem is there is no choice but the main rabble of well meaning people who end up looking like con artists on both sides.

Some developers will make money before the next GFC or RBA interest rate hike will see more new home owners lose their shirts, but I argue that there will be more losers than winners except for the jobs created during the speculation period.

We have politicians trying to convince us the 2% unemployed over the usual 4% [full employment] want jobs when we all really know they just want a secure income. What the politicians don't seem to do is discuss their plans to create extra jobs with the RBA which will invariably hike interest rates 100% higher if that 2% were to suddenly find new jobs and in so doing cause a potential wages pressure on general wages which with the help of unions would become reality.

So my question to the brains trust at Treasury is: would it not be cheaper to pay the 4 + 2% unemployed a 'stay at home option payment fee' to keep interest rates low at current rates rather than risk increasing interest rates by 100% causing grief for the other 94% of people in jobs and with mortgage loans?  Why do we need to help increase revenue for the depositors as the banks will still earn their margins surely?

Sure ive left out a lot of other varioable in setting official interest rates
but I still feel id like see some economic debate about my proposal.


Saturday, 26 October 2013


Corporate Donors
Trustee Companies

We are sick and tired of the Salvation Army, ANCHOR, EACH, MAROONDAH & DANDENONG PSYCH UNITS, WAYYS, CHL, HANOVER & other welfare organisations you support for sending us seriously bad criminals to house in our last and only emergency accommodation facility in Lilydale in Victoria after we sold off others in the Dandenong region a couple years ago for exactly the same reasons. Just look at the good accommodation Jill Meagher's murderer was enjoying in Bacchus Marsh..

We are now seeking out donors and asking Corporate Australia and Council Grant Commissions to put conditions on the use of the $millions you make available to such organizations who in our opinion are misusing your charitable giving programs by assisting seriously bad criminals which even Victoria Police are now refusing to assist us with when they assault our staff and other residents.

The privacy guidelines are in our opinion being used to protect and assist the worst offenders in our community and we cannot screen applicants and carry out costly police checks in emergency situations.

If you wish emergency accommodation to continue to be available for the genuinely homeless then we need the help from the donors who give so generously to these organisations so the funds are used responsibly because we are being hammered from ever side by the Consumer Affairs with silly fines they cant even explain themselves, the State Government with ridiculous regulations restricting numbers to 2 strangers per household, the local councils and the media who only get one side of the story.

Enough is enough we want action and are seeking the support of financial donors and Estate bequest givers. Trustee Companies etc

We will also come out and give talks on the problems we experience on a daily basis dealing with the agencies level of service you support. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I have decided I want to get out of providing accommodation for the homeless and move into the tourism area, but I really cant see how I'm going to achieve such a change in direction. Government red tape and regulation continues to strangle my interest in what I been doing for over 20 years now. I do believe that the socialist government in Victoria should be the ones who need to provide more accommodation for the mentally ill and the serious criminals they release prematurely into our so-called free society.

In my opinion many of the homeless have only themselves to blame when they find themselves without a home or roof over their heads and the welfare agencies should not be helping to cover up these peoples serious behavioral problems by referring them to rooming houses and omitting crucial details about these dangerous people.

The Salvation Army is one group I have been very critical of over the last 12 months at least and now the ANCHOR Community Welfare Group in Lilydale are in the same league when they recently offered glowing references to a woman who had proven on many occasions that she had serious behavioral and drug use problems, had held up many people by using a blood filled syringe, assaulted every member of her own family, had her 3 children taken away from her by Human Services, was a compulsive lier, has HIV and has a   continuing relationship with a serious murderer who shot and cut up his victim after her death. The fact that the social worker omitted all these details and she was still prepared to support her housing application and keep all these vital details from my manager and have her move in with a woman and two young daughters was inexcusable. If you cant trust these social workers, then who can you trust.

The reality is that many financial donors to the various Homelessness Groups and Charities are unknowingly supporting the worst types of people in our community and the socialist government in Victoria continues to provide subsidized housing accommodation to the worst of the worst in our society... The TV program HOUSOS is only a light hearted comical example of a much worse situation in those Housing Commission areas which our taxation system supports.

Over the years I have spoken with many genuine women who have gone to the Salvos for housing, food and clothing assistance yet they have been treated like the worst; yet from my experience the Salvos have assisted many of Australia's worst offenders by covering-up and support providing $1000's to pay for their movements from one rooming house to the next because they could not respect the rights of others to a peaceful life, each time being evicted for disruptive behavior or drug & criminal related behavior. The State Governments have continued to favour these types for housing instead or helping more of those genuine cases.

Of course the homelessness statistics are not really as bad as stated publically by political advocates as I have also experienced many women with children going to Hanover and other welfare groups falsely claiming domestic abuse and then asking us for permission to let their 'abusive' partners to move in too. This was a regular occurrence in the Dandenong region when we had emergency accommodation premises in that region. The Salvos regularly sent us ex-criminals just out on parole or others just out of jail. If anyone recalls the accommodation provided to Jill Meagher's murderer you might better understand the inequity against other more deserving people. Now I am not saying these people don't need accommodation, however from my experience many were a problem from day one and had no respect for anyone and had certainly not learnt much if anything whilst serving their jail sentences.

Then we had the Dandenong Psychiatric Hospital Wards who would tell us a load of crap about how well recovered many of their inmates where, just so they could get them into our accommodation, when we later found out most were still on suicide watch and our inexperienced caretakers had to keep watch over their possible suicide. 

This sorry state of affairs continues today and we still get Maroondah Hospital trying to get patients discharged into our care so they can move them out of their expensive beds into private Accommodation sometimes using EACH another eastern suburbs welfare agency as the medium to get them into the community.  

So instead of encouraging the creation or the keeping of such private operators to continue, the CVA and other government departments seek to penalize operators at every turn. Well I've had a gutful and want to get Tattslotto might be the only way at the moment and if anyone out there has any ideas I'll look at all options.      

Friday, 1 February 2013


From the stats I have gleened it seems like your US government takes about 40% of your GDP in taxes as against 23.6% in Australia and we get annoyed, so I can see why your all totally annoyed about your government taxing policies. I must admit that I believe Australia must benefit from some of that tax grab and expenditure but 40% seems too high by far.
One solution for you young bucks who are not silicon valley types is to consider moving to Australia as I also promote St Arnaud Vic 3478 a western Victorian country town which during the 1860′s produced an estimated 360,000ozs of gold, most of which was derived from one large mine. The Lord Nelson mine produced an estimated 320,000ozs of gold to a maximum depth of 786m. Most of the other mines did not extend beyond 200m depth, and very little exploration has occurred at St Arnaud beneath 200m. And it was high grade per ton of dirt.
So I have self appointed myself as unofficial King, ambassador and immigration minister of the region to try entice new exploration and new residents to come live in this great little town. Mind you the town which never floods is surrounded by millions of acres of grazing pastoral holdings needing young new farmers to take over before others move in. So I hearterly invite interested parties to have a closer look on google and internet sites showing history of the town of approx 3000 people and every major Australian bank still has a branch in the town should tell you lots about the underlying prosperity in the town.We have farming and silo manufaturers needing new blood to take over and expand manufacturing. Why not, it Ted of Everything Attachments can do it why not in Australia….so if you getting sick of all the BS…. come right over and come and have a look see….
I’ll even give you a free room  for a week in one of our 112 year old hotel buildings in St Arnaud not modern. but sure high n dry. There is even a modern motel business for sale in Town …lots of opportunities for the positive thinkers and workers in the US of A and we speak the same language….
and have I forgotten, we even have the largest Turkey hatching, raising and Turkey bacon processing businesses in Australia located in St Arnaud in Victoria.

Mining History
With the discovery of alluvial gold at St Arnaud in 1855 the quartz reef outcropping source was quickly located. By 1860, 47 hard rock mines were in operation. Most of these initially closed at 60-90m in depth, due to either problems with handling the ground water or that sulphide-rich ores were encountered which could not be treated with the simple gravity technology used at that time.
As these mines, which were located on small leases, were closed in the late 1850’s and early 1860’s the leases were quickly consolidated into larger groups and reopened under new management when sufficient capital was raised to purchase the pumping equipment to support these larger claims. These new entities then produced until the sulphide content of the ores caused either closure or further amalgamation. Specialised sulphide treatment plants were established later and sulphide concentrates yielded up to 50g/t Au.
Several lines of reefs were worked and were known as the West Field, Bristol, New Chum, Nelson and East Field lines. The West and East Fields were of minor importance. The Bristol line was 1.5km in length and was worked to a maximum depth of between 90 and 240m in five mines. This line had the richest alluvials associated with it and the upper part of the Bristol mine produced at a similar grade and tonnage to the Lord Nelson mine further east.
The New Chum line was followed over a strike length of 750m and worked to a maximum depth of 240m in three mines. This line had four parallel reefs. The mines were reportedly closed due to the difficulty in treating sulphide ores.
The Nelson line produced the most gold and was worked over a strike length of 3.2km and to a maximum depth of 685m in the Lord Nelson Mine. In total, 21 mines were in production on the line. Individual reefs were worked over widths of between 0.75m to 7.3m. The Lord Nelson was the only mine to produce from sulphides ores below a depth of 120m. This mine produced from up to 10 parallel reefs over a period stretching from 1856 to 1916. This production came from a 240m strike length of reefs within one mining lease.

Monday, 24 December 2012



Not a week ago the Salvos from Sunshine give us a call to house a couple who they say could not live with usual they were behaved and 'presented well' is the term...I call it high level deception. The Salvos assure us they ok just need a good place to live.
Christmas Eve at about 4pm, police called to a serious domestic and woman taken away from Rooming House ..... Bf had blood on his hands due to punching a brick wall it seems and very very agitated and we warned him of eviction possibility if he disturbed our other residents.
Woman released by police and threatens to come back with armed broady boys to collect her things. Police alerted again back at 11pm and it is alleged someone gets knocked out by a neighbour and the bf is arrested by police and released again only to returns at 4.45am to take revenge for eviction by kicking the managers door.... girls crying..... guys very upset its 6.30am police take him away and it might have been Xmas for the staff of the Salvos but two of their people turned a peaceful household into a Xmas Hell because we are being used by salvos to house their criminals they want to get rid out of their refuges. 
True story based on preliminary information....maybe updated later

Saturday, 10 November 2012


We had an applicant call us last week claiming she was being harrassed at a western melbourne caravan park where she had been living for awhile she advised. She wanted to move to live in a nicer environment as the other place had outside toilets and showers etc the old story. We have inside facilities and gas central heating etc with all conveniences and our residents were well behaved and house trained so the transision should not be difficult with the Public Trustees STC State Trustees approving her move.

All seemed to have gone well until we needed to organise a room inspection as the local Council were to inspect premises as part of their annual check of our Registered Rooming House etc, when the others noticed a terrible smell coming out of her room which on checking it was found that this lady aged about 40 was using the mattress as a toilet and the mattress had soaked up both urine and faeces and the smell wafting into her neighbours rooms was extremely disgusting in the extreme. This woman though nothing of it after we told her she had to clean the mess up which she refused to do so resulting in us having the evict her on HEALTH & SAFETY grounds as we are not qualified nor registered to offer nursing home services. The State Trustees had obviously not done its duty to inform us of the extent of her health/mental problems or did not know to take the neccessary steps to put her into an appropriate facility.

The results are plain to any reader of the risks we take when we offer to assist people with accommodation...a matteress lost and at a cost for its disposal, a carpet to clean and a horrific smell to eradicate from our buildings asap for the confort of our other residents and of course to explain to the local health department.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


SWINBURNE HAS MADE A HUGE ERROR OF JUDGEMENT in my opinion by reducing the expenditure in the services sector at LILYDALE where the electronic media cannot work to train people with hands-on skills.

They are only thinking inside their own survival mode and not the reality that less buildings will be needed in Hawthorn in the future when the theory and mathematics subjects will be able to be taught via webnars in online learning classes which is already happening now and even Melbourne Uni has embraced that medium joining many overseas organisations.

If Swinburne management were really planning for the future...they have got it totally wrong. The State Government has seen the future and cut funding accordingly, but Swinburne have chosen to keep the empire growing in Hawthorn when in reality less resources will be needed at that location and only time will prove the government and me right.